is a place where families can gather around the “online” campfire and discuss their love for Mother Nature, inspire others to get out and explore the beauty of the world around us and share ideas for using the Outdoors as a tool for learning and discovering.

[Jennifer Fontaine hiking with her daughter in Monterey, California]
Born and raised in New Orleans, I have been in the business of storytelling, both in front of and behind the camera, for over two decades. In 2012, after the birth of our daughter, I felt the need to veer from my fast-paced film-centric life, venturing into the cool, calm waters (HA!) of online publishing and travel journalism.

Since then, I founded which has become an increasingly popular Southern California family travel and adventure portal that led to an eventual partnership with Erin Kirkland and Traci Lehman to realize our larger vision for encouraging families to get outside. Outdoor Families Magazine launched January 15, 2015 and has become a global resource for multi-generational travel and outdoor sports related activities meant to inspire a connection to and stewardship of the natural world.

In that time, I have also had the pleasure to write for numerous news and magazine publication including and, partnered with global brand leaders such as Toms Shoes and Teton Sports, as well as played an influential role in developing and expanding the #OutdoorFamilies niche within the Outdoor Industry.

I started in the hopes of inspiring other parents to get outdoors with their kids to explore and discover the wonder and beauty of Mother Nature and in doing so I have inspired myself. Share your own family’s adventures and your love for the Great Outdoors on our Mommy Hiker Community Facebook Page and join the #OutdoorFamilies conversation with Mommy Hiker on twitter!

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