Let’s Give a Kick Start to ZOOM! The Story of a Boy and His Balance Bike

A year ago, my close-knit family of outdoor bloggers got the collective wind knocked out of us. We all sat in front of our computers, in shock as we slowly received news of one of our own, VeloMom Jennifer Charrette, who was quite literally experiencing the most horrific day of her life. In the days and months that followed, we banded together to support her family and the memorial foundation they quickly set up to honor Axel, their little angel who was now proudly watching them from above.
Well, now I’m excited and honored to announce another chapter in the blossoming Axel Project adventure! ZOOM! The Story of a Boy and His Balance Bike, a picture book meant to inspire young adventurers and their families to discover the joy of bicycling.

ZOOM’s story of courage, adventure and the power of family goes well beyond the book. The story and its central character are in honor of Axel, an exuberant two year old with a talent and passion for riding his balance bike.
The book is eight pages of bold, colorful art by Kellie Day and simple, fun, rhyming text by Jennifer Charrette and Marcia Kinne (with a forward by professional bike racer George Hincapie).
Please take a minute to read about the Charrette family’s journey and this book and if it moves you, please consider supporting their Kickstarter campaign! Seriously, every single dollar counts and there are only 16 more days to chip in!

Our #OutdoorFamilies network has declared this ZOOM! Day! We have all dedicated our blogs and our hearts to the Charrette Family today and to this beautiful boy and his book. Read the other posts: