[Gear Review] Dorcy 160 Lumen 4D Twin Globe LED Lantern & 230 Lumen Focusing Flashlight

We just got back from our EPIC Family Camping Adventure in Yosemite National Park (more on that soon!). Knowing that we would be spending five glorious nights sleeping under the stars and six marvelous days exploring Mother Nature, we took this opportunityto take a closer look at a few really cool products.

Dorcy have marketed Flashlight products for over 55 years. All Dorcy products are manufactured to strict quality controlled specifications and are produced from proprietary tooling. They use their own bulbs and Dorcy Mastercell batteries to ensure freshness and product quality consistency, so as you can imagine, we were pretty excited to get our hands on these!

Dorcy 160 Lumen 4D Twin Globe LED Lantern Quick Specs

Dorcy 160 Lumen 4D Twin Globe LED Lantern Review
Photo by Kerem Hanci Photography

  • Retail Price: $49.99
  • Lumens: 160
  • Run Time: One Globe 350 Hours
  • Two Globes 175 Hours
  • Night Light 700 Hours
  • Beam Distance: 20 Feet Bulb
  • Bulb Type: LED 360°
  • Batteries: 4 D cell Product
  • Dimensions: Base 5″ wide, Globe area 3 3/4″ wide 10 1/2″ Height , 12 1/2″  height handle extended
  • Product Weight: 1.8 lbs

Additional Features: Night light, 1 or 2 globe operation run times

The 160 Lumen 4D Twin Globe LED Lantern is the first battery operated lantern to approximate the illumination characteristics of traditional gas / mantel lanterns. This lantern’s design allows it to radiate 360° of light with 160 Lumens of light output. The durable body construction allows this lantern to float and makes it completely waterproof with an IPX7 rating. The Twin Globe Lantern contains two brightness settings, for high and low settings, and an amber night light. The highest LED settings allows for 175 hours of continuous use, the lowest giving 350 hours, and the amber LED allows for 700 hour of continuous use. The lantern is topped off with a sturdy handle featuring a pop-out hanger hook allowing for hands free use. The 160 Lumen 4D Twin Globe LED Lantern requires 4 D cell batteries to operate (not included).

Our Thoughts:

Our old lantern is an actual double mantel lantern and I must say the Dorcy was just as good in the lighting arena without the hassle of having to deal with delicate mantels and propane tanks. The nightlight feature was the perfect amount of light for late night campfire card games and the hook that is nestled in its handle is a simple, thoughtful, design element!

Dorcy 230 Lumen Focusing Flashlight Quick Specs

Dorcy 230 Lumen Focusing Flashlight Review
Photo by Kerem Hanci Photography
  • Retail Price: $44.99
  • Lumens: 230 High 120  low
  • Run Time: 3 Hours High 8 Hour 30 Minutes Low
  • Beam Distance: 210 Meters Bulb
  • Type: LED – Cree XPE R3
  • Batteries: 3 AA (not included)
  • Product Dimensions: 6″ L x 1.5″ W
  • Head / Bezel Dimensions: 1.85″ Product Weight: .50 / 8 oz – .65/ 10.5 oz with batteries
  • Switch: Tactical multi function High/Low/Strobe/SOS

Additional Features: O’rings , Lanyard, Strobe, SOS, sturdy battery holder, Gold Tip connectors

The Dorcy International’s new Zoom Focus flashlights are state of the art. Zoom Focus technology enables the user to adjust the beam/focus of the light from a tightly focused spot with maximum reach all the way out to an extremely wide area flood light with perfectly even edge to edge light distribution. All this is made possible by Dorcy’s Patented TIR optical technology. The Total Internal Reflectance optical system uses a patented acrylic lens that is so efficient almost 100% of the light produced is projected onto your target with incredible precision.

The patented TIR focusing lens is made from optical grade acrylic that is nearly 100% transparent and gives the light a clean and precise beam projection unlike any flashlight you have seen before. All Zoom Focus lights are sealed with rubber o-rings to protect against dust and moisture and are rated IPX6 for water resistance.

The focusing system is operated on a sealed gasket mechanism that is smooth and precise. Moving the bezel forward or back to adjust the beam will feel like the operating a precision machine which is what it is. The patented TIR optical lens provides maximum beam concentration when focused in the spot mode. With a reach of over 400 feet this incredible flashlight will satisfy the most demanding user. When focused to the wide flood mode the Dorcy Zoom Focus flashlight will create an incredible circle of light more than 30 feet in diameter at 15 feet from the target. In addition the patented TIR optical system ensures even light dispersion providing edge to edge illumination with no dark spots or glare. Made from premium anodized Aluminum they are incredibly tough. Zoom Focus lights use patented TIR optics to provide industry leading optical efficiency. This means nearly 100% of all the light produced gets out onto your target. Outfitted with the very latest LED technology from CREE these amazing flashlights produce more light output than the competition.

Our Thoughts:

This was one of our daughter’s favorite toys on the the trip! She used it incessantly! She dropped it repeatedly, left it on continuously, zoomed the beam in, then out, then in again and out, over and over and over again. She used it to catch bugs, inspect spiders and explore the peaceful dusk-time campground roads. This flashlight‘s powerful beam of light is shocking given its compact size, easily fitting into those handy interior tent gear pockets and small dirt-covered hands alike.

[Food Series] Ultimate MommyHiker.com Make-Ahead Camping Meal Guide

In honor of the fact that we will be in Big Sur in T-minus TWO days, for our first family camping trip of 2014 season, I have carefully and lovingly compiled 15 healthy, delicious and nutritious Make-Ahead Camping Recipes that the whole family can enjoy! Happy Camping!

Oatmeal Banana Bread

Roasted Balsamic Beets with Goat Cheese

Baked Golden Beet Chips

Roasted Broccoli and Pancetta Quiche

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Cranberry Orange Oatmeal Cookies

Herbed Goat Cheese and Pepper Bulgur

Green Beans in Olive Oil (Zeytinyağlı Taze Fasulye)

Homemade Chicken & Mushroom Calzone

Turkish Meatballs (Köfte)

Zucchini Fritters (Mücver)

Herb-Crusted Whole Roasted Chicken & Vegetables

Sesame Soba Noodle Salad

Wheat Berry Salad

Cold Cucumber and Yogurt Soup (Cacık)

Leeks in Olive Oil (Zeytinyağlı Pırasa)

The Top 10 Most Memorable Mommy Hiker Moments of 2013 – A Year in Review!

Starting this blog has inspired me in so many ways, it’s virtually impossible to put into words, but given that this is a written medium, I’ll give it my best shot!
It’s hard to believe that it’s only been a year! It blows my mind and sends chills down my spine to look back at all of amazing experiences we’ve had, new friends we’ve made and all of the incredible stories that have been told here. Our love for hiking, camping, traveling and adventuring out to discover this bright, big world is our passion.
This passion has blossomed into a thriving community of families and collaborators whose sole wish is to get outside, get dirty, explore and discover the pure magnificence of Mother Nature in all of her glory. I have learned so many invaluable lessons of life, creativity, serenity and love and for that, even a thousand thank yous seem inadequate. And yet, I’m left with that. It’s been an honor to share a bit of our life with you and I want to thank you for sharing a bit of yours with us! Thank you! Thank you for reading. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for inspiring me. And thank you for, in turn, inspiring others!
And now…..on to our Year In Review! Here are my Top Ten Most Memorable Moments of 2013!
Wait for it… Wait for it…

Learning how to carefully plant seedlings in the scenic Cienega Sin Nombre valley of Calabasas was a great outdoor activity to teach V the value and importance of restoring habitats that have been destroyed by urban sprawl in invasive non-native plants.

I love discovering a new favorite place and the beaches of Oxnard are certainly a new fav! The peaceful and quiet pace you’ll experience there is a refreshing contrast to the throngs of transients and tourists you’ll find at most of the local Los Angeles beaches.

Malibu Creek State Park is a whole day excursion, loaded with a wide array of nooks and crannies just waiting to be explored! Hike, swim, picnic, climb, caves, it seriously is all that and a backpack!

#6 | thinAddictives’ Mommy Hiker Spotlight!

It was a huge honor to have been recognized and placed into the company of such accomplished and victorious women. Definitely a proud moment of 2013.

Life is made up of little, shining moments, overflowing with the pitter patter of little heartbeats and the warmth of a breath on a cheek as little mouths tell made up stories, full of wonder and amusement. Star gazing was full of these perfect, still moments.

Doesn’t get much better than watching life come into the world. Witnessing a mother nuzzle her baby for the very first time, observing the trust and tenderness between them and sharing it with my daughter was, indeed a beautiful life lesson.

This was literally one of my favorite days of 2013! This trip was chocked full of first time experiences for our entire family. We learned so many amazing things, saw wildlife basking in their gorgeous habitat and we are headed back in 2014 for sure, to explore the island’s terrain and trails even more by foot.

We spent four nights under the lush green canopy of Big Sur. Hiked its trails, sat next to its creeks, sketched its every detail and came home with memories to last a lifetime!

This was hands down the best camping trip with our toddler to date! It has been thrilling to watch V transform from one trip to the next (this being her fourth camping trip). She really came into her own during our week-long stay in Sequoia and as camping parents, so did we!

What I’m most looking forward to in the coming year is camping, watching her grow and bloom, surrounded by the safe and loving hands of Mother Nature. I can’t wait to see what treasures and travels await us in 2014 and I can’t wait to share them with you!