[Food Series] A Turkish Delight! Mücver (Zucchini Fritters)

Mücver is one of my husband’s favorite dishes (in case I haven’t mentioned it, he is from Istanbul, Turkey). I have had mücver many times, but I think because of my hubby’s affinity for his mom’s mücver, I was always terrified to make it! I have tried my hand at numerous Turkish dishes throughout our 16 year relationship and have fared pretty well, so after our summer excursion to turkey this year, where we ate our weight in mücver, I came home with the determination to give it a go! Mücver is a delicious zucchini fritter. It’s best warm, but the thing I love about it is that it is pretty yummy cold! It’s GREAT as a vehicle to ‘hide’ veggies from kids and it’s also a perfect meal to stick in your backpack when you’re headed out to hike!

5 Small Zucchinis grated
4 Green Onions chopped (whites and greens)
1/3 cup fresh chopped dill
1/3 cup fresh chopped flat leaf parsley
1/4 cup fresh chopped mint
2 eggs
1 cup of feta (this is not traditional and by no means mandatory, but I love it!)
salt and pepper to taste
1 1/2 cups of flour (give or take a little)
olive oil for frying (about a 1/4 inch in frying pan, then add more as you need per batch)

First thing I do is “sweat” the grated zucchini by putting it in a colander with some salt for at least 30 minutes. This will draw out all of the excess water from the zucchini. Throw all of the ingredients (except for the flour and olive oil) into a bowl and mix. Next, start adding your flour into the mixture in small amounts. I usually do it in about 5 separate additions. Once all of the flour is incorporated, heat up your olive oil in the frying pan, on medium heat) and with a spoon, begin dropping your mixture into the oil. (To test the heat of the oil, simply dip the spoon with a touch of the mixture into the oil. If it begins to sizzle, it’s time!) Make sure your oil doesn’t get too hot. You want to be able to cook each side for about 4-5 minutes without it burning, otherwise the inside will be gooey. You don’t want that! Our preference is fairly thin patties, that way they have a less eggy consistency, but of course, it’s entirely up to you! Just make sure to leave space between the fritters in the pan otherwise you may end up with one big, record-breaking mücver! When they’re done, transfer them from the frying pan onto a plate covered with paper towels, so the excess oil can be absorbed.

Our 2 year old loves these!! It’s the only way I can get her to eat zucchini right now, which makes me feel awfully clever. Hope you enjoy as much as we do!

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