Being Spontaneous with Toddlers Means Being Prepared!

As most of you know, the little peanut and I started the LA Mommy Hiking group almost a year ago (crazy!) and we hike, weather permitting, every Friday, with an amazing group of moms, toddlers and infants!
The winter in LA is the rainy season and it seems as though for the past few months, when ever there is a chance of rain it mysteriously falls on a Friday! In a lot of cases, drops don’t even fall, but by the time we figure out that the skies aren’t going to open up on us, everyone has already made alternate indoor plans.
Like clockwork, this past Wednesday mister weatherman was predicting an 80% chance of rain on Thursday and Friday. We were so bummed because we had plans to go with a bunch of friends and their babes to the Huntington Library, a gorgeous botanical garden, on Thursday and that morning the sky was ominous, so we opted out. It didn’t rain a single drop! Arg!! So, when we awoke Friday morning, we were firmly fixated on making it to the top of some LA mountain trail! After a few hurried texts, we had company!
At the trailhead, the blue skies reaffirmed our decision was the right one, soon after the sprinkles started.
hail storm
Conquering Middle Earth
We all looked at each other and smiled; Nothing like a few raindrops to add charm to a hike! The kids ran ahead screaming and laughing, pretending they were in a jungle, scaling the slippery, mud-soaked walls of the trail as if they were tigers and the rain came down a little harder.
An umbrella came out to cover our youngest member and a few looks were exchanged between moms. The temperature was dropping and a small river was starting to run down the trail. It was time to turn around, but of course the kids had no intention of doing a U-turn! Just as we were trying to coax the kids down the mountain, I looked down to discover little dime-sized white things falling on my black turtle neck shirt. I was dumbfounded. It was hailing! Seriously?? I picked up the peanut, threw her in the ergo, much to her dismay, took a few pictures for posterity sake and we high-tailed it down to the warm safety of the car!
hail storm
hail storm
hail storm
Luckily, I brought along the peanut’s down-filled, waterproof jacket and had two changes of clothes in the backpack, so no toddlers were harmed in the making of this story!
Sometimes, it’s hard to take the chance and go out and do it “even if”, but when you do it can lead to some of the best memories and the greatest of adventures (just make sure you’re prepared for anything!)
I’ll leave you with this picture of the aftermath of The Great Los Angeles Hail Storm of 2013 taken by my friend and colleague Marci Liroff! The look on her Rhodesian Ridgeback, Juma’s face says it all!
hail storm
“I guess we’re not in Kansas anymore Toto”

6 thoughts on “Being Spontaneous with Toddlers Means Being Prepared!

  1. You guys really had fun! The walking group in Brighton walk up Sheepcote Valley in freezing weather. Exhilarating!
    Anne I, UK


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