Exploring Monrovia Canyon Falls

Last Friday our hiking group took to the foothills of the San Gabriel mountain range to explore the Monrovia Canyon Falls Trail. The Monrovia Canyon Park boasts some 80 acres of trails and serene picnic areas a mere 10 minutes off the 210 freeway. It was agreed by all in attendance that this is now one of our new favorite trails!
Starting out at the trailhead, you ascend fairly quickly via a number of semi-steep switchbacks with breathtaking views!
The weather couldn’t have been more gorgeous, but I would think that even in the middle of the Los Angeles summer, this would be an ideal trail for toddlers because of its abundance of shade and generally easy incline, just watch out for the poison oak! The kids had a blast navigating the numerous creek crossings and were rewarded handily with an early spring frolic in the falls!
Photo by fellow Mommy Hiker & Blogger Betsy Webster
What better way to spend the day! Lunch on a boulder, next to a creek, listening to the peaceful sounds of the waterfall and exploring nature with the babes!
Photo by Megan Flowers
Next week, we are Big Sur bound!!!! Let the countdown BEGIN!!!!

4 thoughts on “Exploring Monrovia Canyon Falls

  1. Great pictures!! I've been looking for a hiking/kids blog, this is great 🙂 Found you at the FUN party at Bliss Habits and following all. I'm a PNW Mom who is trying to figure out how to get my husband to carry the oldest and heaviest child 😉


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