Finding Beach Bliss in Oxnard, California!

I must admit that although Oxnard, California is just under an hour north of Los Angeles, in the 17 plus years of SoCal living, we have only been once (about a year and a half ago, we drove up for a 3 day camping excursion at McGrath State Beach). Boy, have we been missing out!

Our visit was very spontaneous, extremely short (about 20 hours), but oh so sweet. Vivi and I had decided to tag along with a friend who had to drive up for a business meeting. As luck would have it, that meeting was a block away from the coast, so we made a beeline for the beach; its sand a pure, fine, white blanket and its waves gentle and lapping, perfect for toddlers! 

Hollywood Beach, Oxnard, California
Hollywood Beach, Oxnard, California

There wasn’t a single tourist in sight (except for us, I guess!), just the occasional friendly local walking their dog or enjoying a midday jog by the shore, so we felt as if we were on our own private beach! For hours we laughed, played in the water, built castles, threw sand at each other, rolled around and laughed some more! We were in heaven! 

Hollywood Beach, Oxnard, California
Hollywood Beach, Oxnard, California

V even made a friend, who’s dad was sweet enough to lend us a towel being that we had no intention of ever ending up on a beach covered head-to-toe with sand!!

Hollywood Beach, Oxnard, California
Hollywood Beach, Oxnard, California

After a quick shower down, we met back up with our friend and walked into the first restaurant we saw Sea Fresh Market, which just happened to be snugly perched on the Channel Islands Harbor with a plethora of ducks to chase, a gorgeous view of the boats and an even better happy hour (did someone say oysters?!)

Sea Fresh Market, Channel Island Harbor
Oysters! YUM!

So, short story even shorter: I had no idea that 24 hours in Oxnard, California would be written down in my memory as one of the best days ever, but it has been. 

2 thoughts on “Finding Beach Bliss in Oxnard, California!

  1. Oxnard is one of our favorite beach destinations! Like you, we love how uncrowded and undeveloped it is Channel Islands Harbor is also full of good restaurants and a fun place to while away the afternoon in an electric boat! Best of all, however, is Channel Islands National Park. Boats leave Oxnard for Anacapa and Santa Cruz Islands, although the visitors' center is in Ventura. If you haven't been to CINP, I totally recommend it!


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