5 Healthy and Hearty Trail Meals For Toddlers Guest Post for Go Explore Nature

Two things I’m most passionate about in my life are introducing my daughter to nutritious and delicious foods and allowing her to explore, discover and learn from the wonders that Mother Nature has to offer, so when Debi invited me to do a Guest Post on hiking meals for kids I was honored and excited!

Packing lunches on-the-go are pretty commonplace in our household and I have gotten fairly good at keeping the fridge stocked with quick and healthy choices. When doing my weekly shopping I focus on buying a rainbow of fruits and vegetables to ensure our diet is full of vitamin and mineral goodness!

Another trick I learned and implemented early on in motherhood is to intentionally cook extra at dinner time, so there is a nutritious and filling meal already made for lunch the next day! I cook a LOT as it is and doing this saves me time and pot-washing. Win-Win-Win!

One more simple idea I call upon quite frequently are make-ahead meals and am constantly adding new make-ahead meals to my cooking arsenal, Make a bunch ahead and enjoy throughout the week without having to lift a finger! It doesn’t get much sweeter.

Here are some of my favorite go-to trail meals! I hope you enjoy!

[Wheat Berry Salad]

I used to be terrified of a wheat berry! Weren’t they weird and unusual and hard to cook? As a matter of fact, that couldn’t be farther from the truth! 

Toddler eating Wheat Berry Salad

Just soak 2 cups of wheat berries in water overnight in the fridge, then boil them in 4 cups of your favorite stock, 4 cups of cold water and 2 bay leaves for about an hour. That’s it! Rinse and drain them and add whatever tickles your fancy, instant Wheat Berry Salad. I love to add cucumbers, berries and garbanzo beans with a splash of olive oil and lemon.

Want to find out what the other 4 healthy toddler trail meals are? Read the full article at Go Explore Nature!

2 thoughts on “5 Healthy and Hearty Trail Meals For Toddlers Guest Post for Go Explore Nature

  1. I've never had wheat berry! Sounds like a must try. I agree with trying to give toddlers healthy foods. Mine seems to have regressed a bit from eating some fruit and veggies he used to like. I'm just going to keep trying off and on to see if he will change. I know we all do! Thanks for sharing this with us at Mommy Monday! xoxo


  2. They definitely go through phases! As you said, you just have to keep on trying! Being creative and mixing things up has gotten me far with my daughter and am lucky she's not a picky eater at all!


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