A Birthday Ode To My Three Year Old

Last Monday, our daughter turned three. I am in awe every day; of her, of my husband, of myself.
toddler hiking

This is for you, my dearest little peanut.

A Birthday Ode To My Three Year Old

Thinking back three years ago
We knew you’d change our lives
We’d been planning your arrival
When our souls would meet your eyes.

Tranquil as a lotus
Patiently incubating,
Dreaming up your perfect nose
Ten long fingers, captivating.

At first glance I saw in you
Everything in me
And at that moment time stood still
There was nothing more to be.

In the very next second I felt
All had began to change
You were indeed a mirror
From which to see things rearranged.

From midnight feedings to potty seats
What you taught me was endurance
Then you grew into a toddler
And showed me life is true abundance

These three short years, I can’t believe,
It feels as if forever
I have nurtured you, I’ve known you
Memorized your will with pleasure

I’m enlightened and enriched 
And so very deeply blessed
To grow with you and also learn
Your Elegance, my Best.


mother daughter hiking

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