11 Stroller Friendly Los Angeles Hikes Guaranteed to Get You and Baby Outdoors

After 6 months of bedrest and the subsequent unplanned cesarean section recovery, you can only imagine how I yearned for long hikes and fresh air, but coordinating all of it with a newborn, nursing and continuous diaper detail was all a bit overwhelming. I was the first of our group of friends to have kids and so it was all pretty much uncharted territory. I started venturing out fairly early, making great use of our baby carrier, but stayed pretty close to home, even still, I must say I’m so happy I got out there. Not only did it make me happy, keep me sane and helped me to recover quicker, it also primed our daughter for a life spent outdoors. A life where hiking, exploring and outdoor play are her go-to activities.

In honor of all of the new mothers out there, here’s a beautiful Mother’s Day gift; 11 stroller friendly hikes that I lovingly share with the rest of the 10,000,000 Los Angeles county residents! Happy Hiking!

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3 thoughts on “11 Stroller Friendly Los Angeles Hikes Guaranteed to Get You and Baby Outdoors

  1. Everyone of your photos looks like a stunning walk and not what I think about when someone says Los Angeles, clearly there is so much beauty all around to enjoy. Thank you for sharing on Country Kids.


  2. Lake Hollywood looks awesome! As in! I am fr the UK and its a bit gloomy, sunny. Our weather at the moment is a bit mix of everything but mostly cold! These photos are really nice way to lift up my gloomy spirit! #countrykids


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