Italy With Kids: Hiking Cinque Terre from Outdoor Families Magazine

Part two of our family’s Italian adventure is now published at Outdoor Families Magazine! What an absolute delight it is to have the opportunity to relive the trip of a lifetime through narrative. I hope it inspires other parents to get out there with their kids and continue to check items off their bucket list!

I first discovered the tiny, scenic fishing villages of Cinque Terre, Italy nearly 20 years ago. A fellow traveler had thrown out a fascinating new term of “agriturismo” on the still-young internet, and, intrigued, I began researching its roots. Virtually scanning Tuscany’s rolling hills and vineyards, I was led to a magical place where craggy mountains greeted rolling seas, and Cinque Terre soared to the top of my bucket list. A quick jaunt from the French border, this region, known as Liguria, is sandwiched between relatively low, rolling hills of the Piedmont and an expansive, emerald sea where dramatic mountains crash boldly down to the warm Mediterranean waters. I became transfixed, perhaps even obsessed, with pictures of meandering passages, cozy coves and spirited locals. To read the full article, go to Outdoor Families Magazine

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