[Food Series] Mediterranean-Style Halibut Stew

So last week, I was in the kitchen cooking dinner as I do pretty much every night. I’m not a menu-maker when it comes to food at our house, I’m more of a meal composer. I look in the fridge about 4:30 pm and start feeling what tickles my fancy and make it up from there, deciding whether or not I feel like protein, what flavors I want to mix with which veggies, etc. That was the birth of this recipe. We loved it so much, it was so easy, nutritious and delicious that I just had to share it with you guys! Enjoy!

halibut fish stew

3 pounds of fresh Halibut
1 Spanish Onion
6 cloves of Garlic
1/2 of a large Heirloom Tomato
1 lemon
1 tablespoon fresh Thyme
1 1/2 tablespoons ground Mustard
2 Bay Leaves
1/4 cup of Olive Oil
2 tablespoons of Butter (optional)

Cut your Halibut into 2 inch cubes, thinly slice your onion and tomato, give your garlic cloves and fresh thyme a rough chop, then literally throw everything into a deep pot on medium heat, including the juice of the lemon. (Cut the lemon in half, juice it into the pot, then quarter each half of the lemon and throw it all in!) Let it simmer on medium, stirring occasionally for 15 minutes, then lower heat and let it cook for another 25 minutes to let all of the flavors come together. I served it over brown basmati rice, but it would be delish over pasta or just by itself! Enjoy!!

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