TOMS Shoes Expands Giving in the U.S. to Help Children Dream Bigger! #OneForOne

If you’ve been following Mommy Hiker for a while, you already know the importance social stewardship and volunteering play in our lives. As parents and as participant citizens of this great, big, beautiful world, we know it is our duty to impart to our kids the value of helping and caring for those who may need a little (or a lot of) support.
Whether it’s spending a morning picking up trash on a gorgeous Southern California beach, carefully sorting and packing grocery bags at our local food bank or joining a volunteer army to plant and expand native habitat to protect our animals and birds, we are always looking for ways to put into action our intention of instilling the feeling of pride for our land, experiencing other cultures and lending a helping hand.

TOMS shoes Gives Back in the US Tree People
Expanding Native California Habitat

Everyone at one point or another in their life has the potential to fall into two categories; the one who needs help and the one who gives help. Something as simple and basic as providing a pair of shoes to a child who aspires to play on the school basketball team or donating a pair of prescription glasses to an avid little reader can give a much needed boost a child’s often elusive and very fragile confidence.

This is why I am honored and blessed to have partnered with TOMS Brand Ambassadorship Program to support TOMS U.S. Giving Program! I am bringing this post and #OneForOne news to you as part of that partnership!

I believe all kids are born with the fundamental hunger to dream to their heart’s content, aspiring to greatness without hesitation and it is our job to encourage and support them in their most valiant efforts. Giving them the necessary tools to go out in to their community and create their own legacy that they find fulfillment, happiness and peace within is tantamount.

TOMS shoes Gives Back in the US
Happy Feet, Happy Kids
Giving is at the core of TOMS’ business and the company recently announced that it has given its 10 MILLIONTH pair of shoes to a child as of late June, ranging from their classic canvas shoe, a sports shoe and winter boots! Just imagine, if we had more companies like this, doing what TOMS does, the world would most certainly be a different place. A better place.

TOMS shoes Gives Back in the US

Since its first shoe donation back in 2006, TOMS has expanded its Giving Partnerships across more than 60 countries, handing out shoes where they will have the greatest impact. Trying to secure sustainable giving in the US has always been their goal and now TOMS has announced the procurement of Giving Partners in 35 US states allowing them to give at least 1 Million shoes by the end of 2014!

So many of our precious children in the US don’t have access to the support and resources they need to stay healthy and motivated. With the gift of these shoes, their self-esteem will rise along with their drive for achievement and hopefully their passion to pay it forward.

TOMS shoes Gives Back in the US
Founder of TOMS and Shoe Giver, Blake Mycoskie
We can all learn a thing or two from Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS. If nothing, he teaches us to lead by example (a lesson I learned early on in my parenting life). We are mirrors for our children. They watch our every move, evaluate our every intention and discern every decision, so why not show them a mirror of love, sharing and laughter. Show them the path you follow, where they can witness you reaching out to others, embracing the beautiful differences in mankind and you will revel in the beauty of them choosing their own open, free and loving path weaving through humanity.

Where have you taken your TOMS? Around the block? Around the world? Share your TOMS stories with us! 


2 thoughts on “TOMS Shoes Expands Giving in the U.S. to Help Children Dream Bigger! #OneForOne

  1. This is awesome news!! I am a big TOMS fan and it's so nice to hear that they will be giving to kids right here at home. Thank you for sharing this!


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