Super Cool Art Makes Creating Super Easy (and Fun) For All Ages + Giveaway

Let’s face it. Crafting with kids is a crap shoot. Oftentimes it takes mom twice as long to set up the table for an art project than it takes crafty kid to get bored of said project and move on to something entirely different, leaving you to spend another 30 minutes cleaning up. Fun? Yeah, not so much.
I don’t necessarily think of our family as a crafty one, but there always seems to be a paint brush or ten laying out to dry on any given day. One of the main challenges our family faces is storage. Between camping gear, backpacking gear, photography gear and our home office, we are constantly on the hunt for space, so as you can imagine, buying art supplies and crafting supplies and glues and glitter and, and, and… just isn’t feasible (and boy does all that stuff start to add up)!
Last year we came across a super cool idea and decided to give it a try. Super Cool Art is an all-inclusive, self-contained art studio, bundled up into one pretty flat, easy to store box. Founded in 2012, their passion and their goal is to consistently create exceptional, inspirational, educational products that foster creativity and they’ve done just that!

What We Dig about Super Cool Art


Super Cool Art’s products are certified non-toxic. They employ rigorous independent testing of their manufacturers to ensure our littles are safe from harmful ingredients. 

Environmentally Responsible

A large percentage of the materials included in each kit are biodegradable and earth friendly. In addition, Super Cool Art tries to keep their carbon footprint low by sourcing close to home. 90% of the products used are Made in the USA and they are vigorously working towards that becoming 100%.

Fostering Creativity

The number one mission of its founder is to inspire by providing fun and simple creative outlets for kids and their parents to easily express their creative side. The educational components provided in each kit allow parents to begin teaching important concepts such as color theory, scale and composition.
This is not a fly by night company. It blossomed out of a desire to cultivate and nurture little artists-to-be. So, you ask, what’s in the kit?

What’s Inside the Box?

The “complete kit” includes everything you could possibly need to get your child painting.

  • (1) 16″ x 20″ canvas
  • (4) poplar wood stretcher bars
  • 5 pack of 4oz non-toxic Primary Color Tempera Paints
  • (1) pack of 10 artist quality paint brushes
  • (2) foam paint brushes
  • (2) paint palettes
  • (1) Colorsaurus color wheel 
  • (1) bottle of Bristle Magic paintbrush cleaner 
  • Instructions
  • A set of four sheets of 12″ x 12″ custom designed themed stencils made from non-toxic, recycled, durable, washable polypropylene.

At the time of publishing, you may choose from 12 different stencil packages, ranging from kid favorites like “Frolicking with Fairies” and “Dinosauria” to “A Night in Space”, “Peace, Love, Art” and even an abstract art themed stencil kit where parents and kids alike can be coaxed into channeling their inner Pollock.
The Super Cool Art Complete Kit is $35. The best part is all of their stencil kits, supplies and materials are also sold separately making it easy to keep creating. Ala carte stencil kits range from $14.95 to $22.95, but the complete kit with any stencil set you choose still remains $35. Sounds like a deal to us!
What the Kid Thought
Our four year old squealed the first time she laid eyes on her bright yellow fairy stencils. We were both astonished as we kept pulling item after item out of the seemingly bottomless box of goodies. She figured out the stencils immediately, but had a hard time keeping it from sliding. I taped the stencil’s corners to the paper she was drawing on, then taped the paper to the small plastic tarp on the floor and she was good to go.
It was a joy watching her learn and create, but of course, as most 4 year olds are want to do…
She was done in 15 minutes flat and on to the next discovery!
So, who wants their very own Super Cool Art Complete Kit?! We are super excited to say that Super Cool Art has given us one to giveaway! So jump on down below to the Rafflecopter widget and enter to WIN today!

Entries are limited to the contiguous US only. Giveaway ends this Friday, June 19th at Midnight, Pacific Time, so what are you waiting for? GOOD LUCK!

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